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Clicker Training for Dogs  

Teaching and training dogs may be one of the challenging things that dog owners have to do; however, this may not be that difficult through the use of clicker training to modify their dogs’ behavior. Dog owners will not take a long time learning how the clicker training for dogs goes and once they know the mechanics and the techniques, they can train their dogs in anything that they would like them to learn. 


Learning How the Clicker is Used 

The clicker training basically makes use of a strong and sharp sound which the dog can hear as far as 20 yards or more and this may be associated with specific commands that they will have to follow. The end goal of dog owners is for their dogs to repeat the acceptable behavior through the use of the sound coming from the clicker. 

However, dog owners have to understand that the clicker sound is not used at the start of the training. They will use it as a form of a reward every time that their dogs are able to display the behavior that they are supposed to learn. Dog owners may combine this with some treats that they can get from any of the pet stores around. 

Dog owners have to know when they will use the clicker while training their dogs. It is essential that the dogs hear the sound after they have accomplished something good and as they hear it, they are given a treat. Although verbal commands may be used at times, the association that is formed in their brains and their instincts is not that strong.  

Steps to Follow in the Use of the Clicker Training for Dogs 

There are steps that dog owners have to follow if they would like to make use of the clicker training for dogs. The first one is to let the dog do the behavior that is required of them to do or to perform. Dog owners may instruct them to sit, to roll over or to play dead but whatever it is, they will have to convince them to do it. When their dogs are able to do exactly what is being asked of them, dog owners may use the clicker plus the treat awarded to their dogs. 


Dog owners will have to mark the good behavior with the sound from the clicker but they may have to do this several times before their dogs are able to learn the process and to make the right association of the good behavior, the sound from clicker and the treat that they will get. The clicker training for dogs is effective because dogs are able to respond right away when they hear it and rewarding them reinforces their instincts to repeat the desirable behavior. Verbal commands on the other hand may be effective but it will take much longer time before the dogs can make connections or associations. 

Dog owners may continue doing this process especially when their dogs are learning because this reinforces their ability to display acceptable behavior most of the time. Treats are good but dog owners may not give it to their dogs every time. They may instead praise or pet their dogs from time to time to tell them that they are doing well and good. 

Transitioning to Verbal Commands 

After the dogs have learned their tricks and how to follow through the use of the clicker training for dogs, dog owners have to move on to letting them learn to follow their verbal commands or instruction. Dog owners may do this by saying the command first before clicking and then the reward is given. It will be easier for the dogs to make the correct association of the three elements that are combined in their training. 

In time, the clicker training for dogs will aid them to understand the verbal commands given to them and their rewards may come in the form of praises. After a long time doing these things, dogs may simply do the things that they have learned even if there are no more treats or praises because they know that they are making their owners happy. 

Dog owners may benefit a lot from the use of the clicker training for dogs. They may be able to teach their dogs to learn acceptable behavior and actions. The use of the simple but sharp sound may indeed bring dogs to learn and display good behavior most of the time.