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Dealing with Dog Scratching Problems  

People with dogs would like to know things that they can do when dealing with dog scratching problems. In order for them to keep their dogs healthy, they have to stop this problem because it can cause health conditions such as infections, hot spots or other skin problems which could become severe and can become more difficult to deal with. 

How Dogs Develop Scratching Problems 

People taking care of dogs should know the cause of their dogs’ scratching problems. They also have to determine the reason or the cause of the scratching. 

Infections – These may come from bacterial, yeast or fungal infections. People need to see where the greasy sores are or where the patches and red swellings are. 

Neurogenic – Dogs may display extreme behavior such as licking and chewing.  They may develop this behavior because of the lack of mental stimulation as well as lack of physical activities. Dogs may also develop this problem because of separation anxiety. 

Allergies – People have to know if their dogs are allergic to food, to fleas or to some kinds of plants and dust as these can cause them to have skin conditions that can be very itchy. 

Poor Nutrition – Dogs that are not fed with the nutrients that they need often have dry skin and they are prone to developing eczema or sores that are dry and itchy. 

Environmental factors – People have to see to it that their dogs do not overdo things such as digging, swimming or playing under the sun because they may itch severely and scratch incessantly. 

Parasites – Fleas, flies, mites and other parasites can make dogs scratch very often. There are effective medications that can be used to deal with any of these parasites.


People who would like to find ways of dealing with dog scratching problems must be able to determine first the reason why their dogs have this problem. 

Consulting with Vets 

It would be easier for people dealing with dog scratching problems to consult their vets about it so that they may be properly advised as to the things that they have to do. Dogs that have developed some infections will have to be given the right antibiotics or antifungal creams or ointments in order to treat the problem. Dogs that have allergies will need some antihistamines or a change in their diet and those with parasites have to be treated with proper medications. 

Neurogenic Scratching Problems 

People may find it more difficult to handle neurogenic scratching problems in dogs. Other causes of the dog scratching problems can be dealt with changing their diet or their physical activities and exercises as well as with medications. However with incessant neurogenic scratching problems, people will have to identify what triggers their dogs to scratch its skin non-stop. 

It is important that dogs get sufficient physical exercises. Dogs that have nothing to do get bored and at times, they just develop the habit of scratching even for no apparent reason. People need to provide mental and physical stimulus to their dogs so that they do not get bored and start licking and then scratching themselves incessantly. In order to prevent dogs from licking the same spots over and over, people may use some bitter spray on it or spray some unpleasant spices on it to stop the licking habit of the dogs. 

They may also put a cone on their dogs so that they do not reach the parts that are itchy. People may slowly revert back to the normal activities once their dogs have had enough physical and mental exercises to keep them in better condition and then later on, they can also stop making use of the cone as well as the spray. 

However, people may need to bring back their dogs to their vets if they still continue to scratch in order to determine if they are suffering from any other health conditions that need to be treated. There are times when infections develop in other areas aside from the outer skin. 

People with dogs have to deal with dog scratching problems right away in order to prevent more serious health conditions later. Most dog scratching problems can be treated but it is always better to avoid anything that may cause the itching or the scratching as much as possible.