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Dealing with Poodles that Bite  

Poodles are simply adorable dogs but poodles that bite people or other animals are a serious problem. Owners who do not correct the early biting behavior of their cute and curly-haired poodles will have bigger problems when their dogs grow bigger. People at times go lax with their dogs especially when they see their little poodles with some bows on its curly hair but eventually these dogs grow and when they develop bad behavior like biting, it will be very difficult to change it later.


Reasons Why Poodles Bite 

People believe that it is just natural for poodles to be biting more than any other types of dogs with the smaller toy poodles doing it more than their standard poodle counterparts. However, when owners are able to train their Poodles properly, they will not have so much difficulty in dealing with Poodles that bite. 

Poodles have higher rate of biting incidents because of their nature which practically lends them to doing nothing other than just being pets. They may be one of the smartest breed or dogs though. However, they maybe intelligent but they do not have the strong natural instincts so most of the time they do not respond properly or they cannot be controlled by their owners.  

Ways to Stop Poodles from Biting 

Dealing with Poodles that bite may not be so difficult if these dogs are taught that biting others is not an acceptable behavior. Just like any other dog, Poodles need proper socialization activities especially if they are still very young. It is advisable not to take puppies away from their mothers until they have reached about 8 weeks of life to make sure that they have learned how to live and to socialize and for them to be able to learn to control their natural instinct to dominate others. 

When bringing home Poodle puppies, it is necessary for them to be socialized with the family and other animals that they have to live with. Dog owners may also check aversion classes or go to puppy day care centers so that they may learn how they can deal with Poodles that bite. Dog owners also have to refrain from scolding their Poodle puppies because they are too young to know what their masters would like them to do and getting angry at them may only contribute to the development of aggressive behaviors that are difficult to change. 

People who are experiencing problems with their Poodles that bite should not allow them to do so. They may give them some toys when they bite and owners can make some sounds that indicate being hurt with the bite. People have to imitate how other puppies may sound if they are bitten by other dogs.  

Biting in Older Poodle Dogs 

People with Poodles that bite others need to see to it that they are still in control of their dogs and the situation. They may be able to do this by establishing an alpha leader status. They have to keep everything under their control like feeding, walking and training their Poodles. People have to stay firm so they do not waffle on the orders that they give to their dogs. They also have to refrain from playing rough games like wrestling or tug of war because it can encourage the Poodles to grab and bite. Once they get used to these games, they may become more aggressive and will tend to be biting people in the end. 

People who see their Poodles displaying aggression because of fear or anxiety should bring their dogs to obedience school where they can learn how to socialize and how to deal with their aggressive behavior. 

When the biting problem of Poodles persists, owners have to try the services of an expert in training dogs or they may consult with their vets to check any possible health related issues that cause their biting behavior. 

Poodles that bite should be taken as having a behavior problem and something that is not acceptable. People who are caring for toy Poodles have to check the behavior of their pets in order for them to prevent more aggressive behavior and biting incidents that may get out of hand.