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Dog Crate Training  

Lots of people would like to know more about dog crate training. Here are some points about it. More and more people across the country are learning about dog crate training because it is one of the ways how they can reduce the anxiety as well as the destructive behavior that dogs develop because of repeated situations in the home. Dog crate training can be effective in modifying behavior like when dogs sleep on the couch or on the bed and this can also be used when new puppies are brought home.  

Dogs and their Crates 

It is important for people to understand how dog crate training works especially in deciding to make use of the crate instead of a room. Dogs in the wild usually find a small but a safe place for them to keep themselves from other animals and to keep them warm during the night. The dog crate may mimic this type of environment where they feel safe and secure. Because dogs are territorial by nature, giving them too large space will only confuse them as they may not know the boundaries of their own space which they equate it to be their own home and this situation may cause anxiety in them. 

Implementing Dog Crate Training 

People will have to opt for dog crate training when they have brought home a new puppy. They may have a difficult time implementing dog crate training if they have adult dogs that have never undergone this kind of training and this situation will only make them feel anxious because of the very small space that they are not used to. Puppies though may easily be upset at first but they are quick to adjust to live within the confines of their crates and puppies may not have any problem in the future if they are never allowed to sleep with their owners on the bed right from the start. 

People may put the crate of their puppies in the living room where they would be most of the time. During the night, they can put the crate inside their bedroom to assure their puppies that they are there for them. However, after sometime, they should try to leave their puppies just in one place within the house, though at first they have to keep them safe and secure near them. 

People will also have to see to it that the crate of their puppies are clean and comfortable as well and they also have to provide them with water to drink and some toys to play with. Owners who are dog crate training their puppies have to put them in a crate that would fit their size so that they can sleep comfortably without making a mess inside. It is enough to give only the space that they need to be able to turn around. 

People who would like to implement dog crate training must know that they are not supposed to pull their puppies out of their crates when they are upset. Doing this would only teach the puppies that they can get their owner’s attention by making a fuss. People are advised to just get their puppies after they have remained quiet for about 5 minutes. They may then praise and give their puppies some treats as a way of reinforcing the acceptable behavior. 

Dog crate training is done gradually by owners who may leave their puppies in their crates for very short duration of time which would slowly increase as they grow until they are able to be left alone the whole night or the whole day. 

People who are able to do dog crate training properly may be able to make sure that their dogs would never feel very anxious, destructive or too loud whenever they have to leave them. People may also find it easier and less stressful for them and for their dogs if they start training them while they are still very young.