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Dog Training through Schutzhund Methods  

During the early parts of the 20th century, dog training through Schutzhund methods in Germany has been developed to test the different breeds of German Shepherds in order to select those that can become police dogs. Schutzhund trainers selected the most suitable canines for specific jobs instead of the usual way of checking the appearance of dogs. There are lots of breeds that were allowed to participate in the dog training through Schutzhund methods but there were only a few dogs that made it. 

Concepts of Dog Training through Schutzhund Methods 

The dog training through Schutzhund methods is considered rigid and it follows a definite structure which has continuously developed within a century. The first processes done using these methods were very strict in order to evaluate each dog carefully though they are considered as less abusive to the dogs being trained. It was more difficult then to properly train dogs through the Schutzhund procedure since they only had a few manuals and some rough courses on the topic unlike today where people can have access to various multi-media presentations if they would like to do the training process on their own. 

Dog training through Schutzhund methods makes use of various tests that will check if the dogs are able to display desirable behaviors that are needed for police work such as sniffing, tracking, protecting as well as retrieving some things. Dog training through Schutzhund methods usually start when the dogs are very young and it may progress through several weeks though at times even months in order to make sure that the dogs are suited to the kind of work that they have to do. 

The Basics of Dog Training through Schutzhund Methods 

People who like to employ dog training through Schutzhund methods have to learn more about it. They may be able to do this by immersing into a course where they can get valuable information through the videos or the obedience programs that are provided. There are different aspects that are covered in every Schutzhund training courses. 

Use of the Clicker – Although the use of the clicker is very popular especially in training German Shepherds as well as other breeds of dogs, not all trainers in Schutzhund courses will do the same. Those who opt to make use of the clicker will have to do it while their puppies are still very young at about 10 weeks old.


Obedience Training – The primary dog training method used in Schutzhund courses is the obedience training. Most of the programs make use of at least 10 or 11 basic commands for dog obedience. Trainers may use the following: focus and also attention; sit and stand; point an object; target; heel position; retrieve; jump; go out and other motion exercises. Dogs should be able to master all of these training points. 

Training for Tracking – Dog training through Schutzhund courses also teach dogs to follow and identify different objects such as drugs, bombs or even cadavers. People learn how to give instructions or cues that would make the dogs locate the target or to point to an object at the same time make the dogs recognize and pick up particular scents of the target object until they are told to stop pursuing it. 

Training for Protection – Dog training through Schutzhund methods can also be used to teach the dogs to protect, to attack and to guard people or properties. The dogs may be trained to follow specific commands that will help them to identify a possible threat and to attack the same threat. They can also be taught how to protect people or objects even without giving them any command. 

The basic concept that governs dog training through Schutzhund course is to teach dogs to acquire the specific skills that they need in order to accomplish their tasks effectively and efficiently. Most dogs may just be able to complete about 20% of the whole training program that they are officially enrolled in. However, those who undergo dog training through Schutzhund may have better chances at attaining a better obedience training result that can be useful to the owners and to the dogs as well especially when they are at home.  

Those who would like to try dog training through Schutzhund method have to do some research first in order for them to determine the best and the most effective courses based on the success rates achieved and also on the philosophies that provide the foundation for such effective programs.