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Dogs that Eat their Poop  

People may have seen dogs that eat their poop and they may wonder why they have to do this. Generally, this is not an acceptable behavior because it is not only disgusting and unpleasant but it is also not hygienic.  It can affect the health and the well-being of the dogs. Lots of people may have this kind of problem with their dogs. Pet owners may feel stressed about it especially if they are not able to correct this behavior. Dogs that eat their poop as a behavior is also known as coprophagia and this may be a symptom of other problems such as anxiety or some nutritional deficiencies.  

Reasons for Coprophagia 

Dogs that eat their poop as a disgusting behavior may indicate various underlying issues. Dogs may do this because they are simply hungry or they may also be cleaning their area for that matter. Pet owners have to feed their dogs with sufficient amount of dog food and they have to clean their dog pens on a regular basis so that their dogs will not do it on their own by eating their poop. 

Dogs that eat their poop are prone to developing or acquiring health problems. They may have worms and other parasites that take all of the nutrients from their food that they are eating. Dogs may not also be getting the right amount of nutrients that their bodies need from the food that are fed to them. 

Dogs that eat their poop do this because they are anxious or they may also be trying to imitate their owners especially when they are picking up their poop while they are cleaning. At times, they are doing it because they see other dogs eating their poop. 

Whatever the reason behind the behavior of dogs that eat their poop, pet owners can resolve this problem easily. 

Behavior Adjustment 

Pet owners of dogs that eat their poop need to have their pets checked if they are suffering from any health issues. This is important because some dogs do not really do this until they acquire the habit of eating their poop. Pet owners may expect that their dogs might have worms and other parasites that eat the nutrients from their food. They have to bring their dogs to the veterinarian to check if they have this problem so that their dogs may be treated immediately. 

In case the dogs are not affected in any way by worms and parasites, pet owners have to determine the reason or the cause that triggers dogs that eat their poop to continue this behavior and they will have to think of ways how they can stop it for the good of their dogs. 

Pet owners have to keep their dogs’ area and their yards clean and free of dog poop. It is necessary to keep the pathways clean by picking up any dog poop lying around. Dogs that eat their poop may not acquire any health problem but just the same, pet owners have to change this behavior by seeing to it that the source where the problem is coming from is removed. 

Measures to Employ to Stop the Problem 

There are certain measures that pet owners can employ for dogs that eat their poop. They may try bitter apple as well as cayenne pepper on their dogs because they do not like the taste of it unlike their poop. Pet owners may also try giving them pumpkin puree because this will make the taste of their poop not so good. They may also use a water bottle with spray on them and say a firm “NO” to them when their dogs get the urge to go and eat their poop. 

Pet owners may remove the real cause of this problem especially at home but they may not be able to do this when they bring their dogs to the streets or to the parks; hence, pet owners have to train and teach their dogs that eat their poop not to do it. Pet owners have to be consistent in teaching their dogs and they should not let their dogs lick them on their face especially if they are one of those dogs that eat their poop.