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Health Problems in Dogs  

People who would like to have pets need to know some information about possible health problems in dogs so that they may not be caught off guard. They are also able to cope with the problem of their pets better because it can affect them emotionally as well as financially. People are advised to be proactive because it is always better and easier to prevent the possible health problems in dogs rather than having to deal with it when it comes. 


Illnesses that may Affect Dogs 

Just like their human counterparts, dogs may suffer from various health problems as well. However, unlike humans, dogs are not able to vocalize their pains and their feelings. Pet owners may not know that their dogs are suffering pain in silence until it becomes really evident to them that their dogs need some treatment. People who have dogs have to be sensitive enough to recognize some signs that their pets are suffering from an illness. 

Infections – Pet dogs may be affected by infections in different parts of their bodies like the eyes, the ears, the skin and the teeth. Dogs may develop infection in their ears because of some foreign body that gets in there though at times, bacteria may also cause it. Pet owners have to frequently check if the ears of their dogs have red spots, some swelling or extra moisture. Health problems in dogs like infections can be prevented. Pet owners do not only have to brush the hair of their dogs but also to clean the eyes, teeth and ears to lessen the incidence of bacterial infection. 

Allergies – This may be one of the health problems in dogs that pet owners have to deal with. Dogs are mostly affected by flea allergy and this can cause some type of infections. Pet owners have to see to it that their dogs get the proper medication to remove the fleas on them and they also need to bring their dogs to the vets for regular check-ups. It is important to check that there are no other problems aside from the skin infections because it can also lead to other body part infections or to check if they are suffering from a food allergy which would require treatment from the vets. 


Diabetes – health problems in dogs may also include diabetes which affects humans as well. When dogs are fed with fatty foods as well as with sugary foods, they may likely develop problems in the pancreas which could lead to diabetes. Pet owners have to limit the table scrap foods that they give to their dogs in order to prevent them from developing diabetes. Once their dogs develop diabetes, pet owners have to bring them to the vet on a regular basis and they may also need to give their dogs their insulin shots. 

Arthritis/Dysplasia – There are certain types of dogs that are more prone to suffer from problems of the joints. There are also some pure breed dogs that have this genetic predisposition because they have longer and narrower joints. It is necessary for pet owners to bring their dogs to the vet to check on their joints for any possible degeneration and they also have to see to it that they give their dogs the essential nutrients that they need. 

Obesity – This health problem in dogs is very common and it is caused by giving them too much food but not letting them do their exercises. Obesity can bring lots of health problems in dogs such as tumors, heart problems, liver diseases and poor skin condition which are definitely dangerous if not treated as soon as possible. Pet owners have to check the food that they give to their dogs and they should also make sure that their dogs get plenty of exercises and play. 

Health problems in dogs may be avoided if pet owners see to it that their dogs eat good food, do their exercises and keep them clean and groomed always. They should also include regular visits to the vet to determine any health problems in dogs. If it is not possible to prevent dogs from getting ill, it would be better for them to be treated once they develop any of the health problems in dogs.