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How to Train a Dachshund  

Most people may agree that the Dachshund is one of the most adorable breeds of dogs around. However, pet owners may find it a little difficult to train Dachshunds as these adorable dogs are not that easy to handle. People may wonder if they really need to provide some type of special training in order for their dogs to learn proper behavior when they are with their human companions. Knowing more about Dachshunds will be useful. 


Handling Pet Dachshunds 

Teaching or training Dachshunds is not that easy. Pet owners need to have patience and perseverance as these small dogs can be very stubborn and very independent. Dachshunds are typically strong willed and do whatever they like and they can also wait until their owners understand what they like to do. 

Pet owners are advised to treat their Dachshunds properly because even if they are pet dogs and they are really nice and cute, they need to be trained and taught how to behave. Pet owners who give privileges to these small creatures in the house will make things get out of hand especially when their Dachshunds cannot be controlled or when they do not know how to behave properly.  

A pet owner has to remember that if he or she simply does not train a Dachshund, there is bound to be trouble. The Dachshund’s personality is strong and these dogs can simply wield their will if they are not trained to restrain it. A little dog that likes to climb or jump may injure itself in the process but these behaviors can be modified by knowing how to train a Dachshund. 



The Basics of Training a Dachshund 

Pet owners have to make sure that they start training their Dachshunds as early as possible. Though they are really nice and cute little dogs, they are meant to be hunting dogs that can dig some rodents out of the ground. Dachshunds also have high energy levels and they need to make use of this for them not to become a menace in the house. 

Training a Dachshund can become easier if the dog has had the exercise that he or she needs each day. However, a pet owner still has to follow the training plans and he or she should be very firm about it. 


Time Limits – Training a Dachshund has to be very brief and if possible it should last for about 5 minutes only. Since they are hard-headed dogs, it will be easier to start right away with what has to be done before they are able to discern that they do not like to do what their owners are telling them. 

Only the Basics – Training a Dachshund should only be focused on the basic commands such as sit, stay or down. It is important for pet owners to know that Dachshunds cannot be jumping or climbing too much. Instead, they will have to be carried up and then down the stairs and they need to learn not to jump on anything especially on the furniture. Pet owners have to teach these things right from the start when they bring home their Dachshund puppies. 

Using a Clicker - Training a Dachshund may be aided through the use of a clicker. Although Dachshunds are not equipped with the ability to hear very well, they can respond to simple but sharp sounds that come from the clicker and the short single sounds can get their very limited attention span. 

Giving Rewards – Training a Dachshund should not include punishments as this will not do them any good. They may become more hard headed and they may also become aggressive if they are punished very often. Pet owners can make use of positive reinforcement if they would like their pets to learn good behaviors. Dachshunds in particular feel good about the attention and the treats that they get from displaying good behavior. 

Training a Dachshund is a challenging task for pet owners. It requires not only their time and their energy but also their patience in doing it. Pet owners have to be able to control their urge to spoil their little cute guys because it will be disaster for them to do so. Dachshunds know when they are the ones in control and then it will be difficult for pet owners to reverse the situation later.