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Mastiff Dog Training  

Are you one of the people who love big dogs? If so, you might consider having a Mastiff around. However, it is important that you are able to provide excellent Mastiff dog training; otherwise, you will only have a runaway big dog that is out of control. If you decide to bring home a Mastiff puppy then you have to put Mastiff dog training as your priority. 

Mastiffs may be like giant dogs but they are easily trained and they usually want to please their owners. However, you need to be in command right from the start and you will have to be consistent in giving the training so your Mastiff dog would not try to overpower you. 

Uniqueness of Mastiffs 

Mastiffs have their own characteristics that make them unique. They are generally considered as calm and relaxed dogs. However, they need lots of physical activities. Mastiffs have to be given their exercises on a regular schedule even if they may not like doing what they have to do. They do not run so much you will have to make them do physical activities. 

Mastiffs need somebody to be with them constantly in order for them to maintain their temper as they grow old. The Mastiff dog training that you will provide will not be useful if you do not have the time to spend with them because your dog will feel very anxious. This breed of dogs is more social by nature that other types of dogs so they need to be with people and some other dogs most of the time. 

As a Mastiff owner, you need to have the patience and the time for your dog. Mastiffs in general like to make their masters happy but they are also hard headed at times and since they grow so big, the training given to them is not just a simple walk around the park. 

Mastiff Dog Training Basics 

Before you take a Mastiff puppy to train, it is necessary that you make sure that you do not separate it from its mother until it is about eight weeks old. Your Mastiff can grow very big but he or she needs to be trained to balance his or her temperament and the socialization provided by the mother dog and the other litters is an important part of their development.  

As your Mastiff puppy grows up, you will still need to continue with the socialization process. If you have to leave the house, there should be somebody who will be there with the puppy until he or she is about three months old and whoever stays with the Mastiff puppy should socialize with the dog as much as possible. 

It is important that you do not start Mastiff dog training for the purpose of making him or her as a guard dog. This dog may not be able to develop a good temperament if it is made to be alert and keen about possible threats. Their big size will already intimidate intruders in the home and they can be very protective if needed. 

Obedience Training for Mastiffs 

Mastiff dog training can be on teaching obedience. It usually starts while the dog is still very young at about 10 to 14 weeks old after they have become familiar with the house and after they have learned their proper place in the household. When dealing with a Mastiff, avoid being violent or aggressive towards them; they can be dangerous when provoked because of their size as they grow older. 

Mastiffs mostly do not perform so many tricks and they are relaxed most of the time so you can teach them only some of the basic things that they need such as to sit, to stay or to walk while on a leash. You also need to teach your Mastiff not to go running after other animals or things as you will have a difficult time keeping them under control because of their massive size. 

Mastiff dog training can be very effective but you will need patience and perseverance in order to make your dog follow your commands. Aside from this, you also need to do lots of socializing activities so that your dog gets familiar with other family members, neighbors and other dogs in the park.