dog training


Training your new puppy



It is an enjoyable time for the whole family when a new puppy is brought home. There are several things the new dog must learn. He needs to learn how to move up and down a flight of stairs and he needs to get used to wearing his collar.



The ideal time to bring the new pup home is when everyone in the family is present. Also when everyone is relaxed. Don’t give your children a new pet during a special event like Christmas as there is too much excitement going on. Your dog will not get the attention he needs.


When the puppy joins the family, he might have to learn how to climb stairs. There are some puppies that will be afraid of stairs. Help the dog learn by starting at the bottom of the stairs with him.




Take one step at a time. Walk up one step and call the puppy to follow you. Give the puppy a treat if he follows. Then walk down and have the puppy follow you. Keep doing this until the dog will go up the step by himself. Go slow and be patient.


Having to wear a collar is also important for the new puppy to learn. Puppies might become alarmed by this new thing around their neck. They might try to take it off by pulling on it. Make sure to have the proper size collar on your pet. If it is too tight, your puppy might not accept it.


Place the collar on your dog and let him bite it and paw it and whatever else he wants to do. Do not get mad at the puppy for doing this and do not soothe your pet either. Ignore the puppy and let him learn on his own that this is something he will have to live with. You can however give the dog food or play with him to get his mind off the collar. After several days, he will not even think of the collar.