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Stopping Dog Chasing Problems  

Pet owners have to work on stopping dog chasing problems for their dogs’ sake. They have to see to it that they are able to do this for several reasons aside from the danger it brings to their dogs. Dogs may run after things that move such as cars, squirrels, cats or other things and they may get themselves into situations that are also dangerous for their health and their well-being. Pet owners who are not able to keep their dogs from running after things can really have a difficult time walking their pets in the park. They will have to think of the best ways of stopping dog chasing problems instead of tying their dogs the whole time. 

Retraining Dogs to Stop the Chasing Problems 

Pet owners have to consider retraining their dogs in order to stop the chasing problems. Most of the time simply retraining the dogs will lessen this problem especially when their fixation problem is not really serious and deep. Pet owners have to make use of the leash in retraining their dogs in order to keep them safe while they work on stopping the chasing problems. 

Focusing Attention – It is necessary that pet owners teach their dogs to keep their attention on them when needed. There are lots of pet owners who neglect this part of the training. They also need to establish ground rules as well as their leadership when it comes to controlling the pack. It is also essential that pet owners see to it that the attention of their dogs are on them even before they start moving when they have to go for a walk. Pet owners should not allow their dogs to start walking unless they have their full attention first. 

Training on a Leash – Dogs that tend to pull the leash and those that are not able to focus on their pet owners need more time in order for them to learn what is expected of them. Pet owners will need to make them sit for awhile and to let them wait until they are motioned to start moving. Each time that the dogs try to pull themselves away, pet owners have to stop and just let them sit beside them. Doing this action several times will make the dogs associate the pulling with the stopping motion when they are on leash while walking. 

Using Distraction – Pet owners can make use of interesting toys to distract their dogs every time that they get the urge to chase something even if they are on the leash. Their attention may be diverted to some other things or toys that can make them excited as well. Pet owners may throw the toy and their dogs will go after it instead of chasing the moving object. 

Employing Aversion – Pet owners may also ask the help of others in stopping dog chasing problems. They may ask somebody to ride a bicycle or to jog around in order to get the dogs to chase them. As they get up to chase, pet owners may say “no” strongly and firmly and then they can spray them with some water bottle. Most dogs may learn that chasing moving objects is not fun after all. However, this method may not be applicable to some dogs. Some of them may become angry with the water bottle instead. 

Avoid Severe Measures 

Some pet owners may think of severe measures in stopping dog chasing problems such as electric fences or shock collars and other methods. Pet owners have to think about these methods carefully because they are not good in any way. These methods only exemplify cruelty to dogs and these are not that effective as well. Pet owners who are not successful in stopping dog chasing problems may try the services of some experts instead. 

Dogs that chase anything that practically moves are not only annoying but they are also putting themselves in danger especially when they are not held by the leash. Pet owners have to correct this bad behavior by using effective means of stopping dog chasing problems.