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Stopping the Barking of Dogs  

Dog owners have to realize that they do not have to suffer from the noise that comes from the barking of dogs. It is just natural though for dogs to bark. No matter how properly trained they are; dogs still have the need to vocalize whatever they are feeling even if this behavior has been tempered and refined throughout the ages. However, the Basenji is a type of a dog that people may never hear bark. 

Dog owners who would like to consider things that they can do in stopping the barking of dogs will have to understand the instances that make them bark and they will also have to know when they can control this behavior. 

Reasons Why Dogs Bark 

There are various reasons why dogs have to bark. They may do this because of anger. Dogs also bark because of excitement. At times they bark because of fear.  There are still other possible causes and instance when dogs may be expected to bark like: 

·       Invasion of Territory 

·       As an Alarm Because of Intruders 

·       To Greet their Owners 

·       To Express Frustration 

·       Force of Habit 

·       Pain from Injury of Illness 

People have to understand that their dogs need to bark because it is how they are as dogs. It may be quite impossible for owners to really do something in stopping the barking of dogs totally. Dogs have to express what they feel and like even though their owners try to stop this behavior. 

What to Do with Barking Dogs 

Dog owners have to determine first what is causing the barking of their dogs. Excessive barking without due reason can be prevented by dog owners. However, dog owners must think carefully if they really want to employ measures in stopping the barking of dogs and they may ask themselves the following questions: 

·        How often or when do their dogs bark usually? 

·        What is the reason for the barking behavior? 

·        What may be triggering their dogs to start barking? 

Dog owners cannot just yell or hit their dogs to stop them from barking especially when their dogs feel that their territories are being invaded or they are alarmed at something. Managing the barking of dogs negatively will just make their dogs more prone to aggression and to biting behavior. Dogs do not really understand what their owners are exactly telling them. Dog owners may be stopping the barking of dogs but they are not helping their dogs in resolving territorial issues or other problems that made them bark. 

It will be better if the dog owners will provide a home atmosphere where they are clearly the alpha leaders who are capable of controlling any situation. Dogs need to feel that their owners are in charge of the entire household. As the leaders of their packs, dog owners have to protect the space provided for each of the animals and people in the home. Dog owners can lessen the capabilities of their dogs in seeing everything going around especially those things that may threaten their territories according to their dogs’ perception. This may be achieved by using blinds to cover windows so that dogs are not able to see the mailman or by putting some fence where dogs cannot see anything from the outside. 

Barking and Anxiety in Dogs 

Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety may express it through barking. They would like their owners to return and to be with them. This may have been developed because the owners have given their dogs some form of rewards when they have done the same in the past. Dog owners usually give full attention immediately to their dogs when they arrive home and this makes their dogs excited every time their owners return home. Dog owners then are advised to simply ignore their dogs when they get home and wait a few minutes before they attend to their dogs. 

Stopping the barking of dogs will require owners to train them when they can bark and when they have to keep quiet. Owners who will be effective in teaching their dogs to understand commands to remain quiet will be able to control their barking behavior especially when they do not need to bark. However, dog owners need their dogs to bark when an intruder lurks around the home. They need to be alerted in such cases.  

Even the neighborhood will not be disturbed if dog owners are able to control the behavior of their dogs especially in stopping barking of dogs when there are no apparent reasons to do so. However, dog owners need to learn how they can do this so that they and their dogs can live in harmony with the rest of the people and animals in the community.