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Stopping the Biting Behavior in Dogs  

One of the most stressful problems that pet owners have to think about is stopping the biting behavior in dogs because it is really difficult for them to control and to change this. Dogs that bite may become very dangerous to pet owners and to their family members as well as to other people too. It is very necessary for pet owners to do something right away to correct the problem especially when their dogs start biting at whatever age they may be. 

Teaching Puppies to Stop Biting 

Pet owners have to be observant once they bring home puppies because it is easier for them to stop any bad behavior such as biting while they are still at a very young age. Puppies below six months old are easier to retrain since they are still developing and forming their habits especially in curbing what they instinctively do if they are in the wild like biting. 

Pet owners at times make the mistake of taking the biting behavior of puppies as not a serious problem and that they may be having some teething problem or they are just playing around. However, this may already be a display of asserting their place to be recognized in the pack and the biting may be their way of showing that they are in charge. Pet owners who would like to engage in stopping the biting behavior in dogs should begin right from the start when their pets are still tiny and cute. 

Pet owners can make use of different methods to stop their puppies from biting others. They can mimic the sounds that puppies make depending on how they are treated by their mother or their litter mates. Pet owners may produce a whining sound when they are bitten or they can also make use of toy replacements instead of their hand when they are teaching their puppies that biting is not an acceptable behavior in the home. Pet owners who are not able to teach their puppies to stop their biting behavior may consider getting them into obedience school or hiring a dog trainer.


Teaching One-year Old Dogs to Stop Biting 

Pet owners who allow their puppies to nip and to bite while they are very young are encouraging them to display the same behavior when they are a bit older or about one year old. There are also other factors that can contribute to the acquisition of the biting behavior aside from their instinct to do so. When dogs start to bite, pet owners have to stop playing rough and physical games with them. Other activities such as wrestling or tug of war as well as other games that relate to dominance should be avoided. 

Pet owners also have to stop them from running loose around the house. They have to teach their dogs their boundaries and they may also crate train them again if it is needed. Teenage dog training through obedience programs will be useful and helpful at this time. 

Teaching Grown-up Dogs to Stop Biting 

Pet owners who are not able to do something in stopping the biting behaviors in dogs while they had the chance may find themselves with more problems especially when their dogs are all grown-up. Though older dogs may still look up to their pet owners, they still feel that they are the leaders and that they are in control of the pack.  

Dogs that bite or nip on others after they have reached one year old may become very dangerous even to their pet owners because there might be instances that would trigger their instinct to display their dominance by staging physical attacks on people. 

Pet owners who would like to succeed in stopping the biting behavior in dogs have to start training their pets while they are still small puppies. Although there are cases when dogs may be affected by some diseases or mental issues, most often dogs that bite when they are grown-ups may have had some problems when they were small but were not resolved properly.