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Training Bulldog Puppies 


Bulldogs are among the purebreds that have remained popular in today’s society. As a significant symbol that represents England in the 1500s, Bulldogs have been known for their strength, courage, stoicism and hard headedness. People may find it a little difficult to train their bulldog puppies especially if they display the same characteristics as their predecessors—stubborn and adventurous even inside the house. 


Learning More about Bulldog Puppies 

People who would like to take care of bulldog puppies have to learn more about this breed before deciding to get one. There are health problems that affect Bulldogs in particular and these contribute to the high mortality rate among dogs of this breed.  However those who would really want one must select a bulldog puppy that is about 8 weeks of age and with a friendly but not an aggressive attitude. Bulldogs are more prone to some nose and ear health problems so it is important to see to it that the Bulldog puppies are in good health. 

People may start training their bulldog puppies as they bring them home if the puppies have not been taught to socialize. Puppies that are below 10 weeks of age have to be taught how to live with other dogs and people in the house so that they may not develop any untoward or aggressive behavior as they grow.  

Training Bulldog Puppies 

People have to start training bulldog puppies as soon as their dogs are ready. Bulldogs are by nature stubborn so people are advised to make use of some crate training and they have to spend more time with their puppies while training them. Training bulldog puppies about house rules and proper behavior may take a longer time but once they have learned, they can follow and obey without any problem. 


After the bulldog puppies have learned the rules, people will have to let them learn who the leader of their pack is. It is important that people train their bulldog puppies to refrain from biting or nipping through the use of toys and some whining sounds that reflects pain.  They also have to teach their puppies not to sleep on their beds and never to jump on their couch. People will have to let their puppies stay in the crate as long as they can especially during their early months when they bring them home. 

People should continue with training their bulldog puppies but should progress to the obedience stage by the time they reach 3 months old and they should teach them to follow their commands such as lying down, staying, sitting or coming when being told to do so as well as waiting patiently and not to be pulling on their leash. 

Bulldog puppies may learn quickly but they may not follow their leaders right away because they are strong-willed dogs by nature. 

Training Bulldog Puppies to Protect Themselves 

Bulldogs are also curious and adventurous so at times they may find themselves in trouble because of these innate traits that they possess. People will have to teach and train their bulldog puppies not to run after speeding cars or to stop in dangerous areas as well as running away from them if they are in public areas. They also have to see to it that they hold their bulldog puppies on a leash and never let them go unless they are sure that they will come when they are called back. The dangers are higher with the Bulldog breed than in other breeds of smaller dogs. 

Although it may be tougher to train and to teach bulldog puppies, once they have learned everything and once they know their leader, they can be very loyal and very attentive to their owners in the end. Their stubborn nature may be a positive attribute especially when they stay by their owners’ side always and follow their instructions very well. However, people can achieve this if they have laid down the ground rules right from the start and their bulldog puppies have learned to follow and obey them.