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Training a Chihuahua  

Chihuahuas are among the cutest and smallest breeds of dogs that are very common in the US. However, most people do not think that they need to ever do some training for a Chihuahua because they are too small to bring them any trouble. People may be surprised to know that though Chihuahuas are small and adorable dogs, their breed is among the most aggressive ones and the most stubborn especially in following orders from their owners. People would realize then that training a Chihuahua while still a tiny little puppy is a serious matter after all. 

Importance of Training a Chihuahua 

People may observe that Chihuahuas have a unique temperament. This dog is quite happy by just being with their owners most of the time. Owners may bring them always with them wherever they go as these dogs are meant to be consistent companions. People owning Chihuahuas may at times have problems with aggression especially if they have not taught their dogs to socialize with others. 

Chihuahuas have the predisposition to feel bigger than they actually are and this behavior may be dangerous for them if they have not been taught by their owners how to behave properly. Other negative behavior may be observed when Chihuahuas are with strangers and they may also become aggressive around other dogs and children as well. People though can do something about these bad behaviors through training their Chihuahuas. 

Steps in Training a Chihuahua 

People have to first instill in their pet Chihuahuas that they are the ones who control their household. Chihuahuas that are allowed to do whatever they like may feel and think that they are on top of the pack. 

People have to make sure that their position as the leaders of their packs is understood by their dogs. There are some things that they can do in order to establish alpha leadership and dominance over their Chihuahuas. 

Feeding Time – People need to feed their Chihuahuas on schedule. They should not let their dogs tell them when they want to eat or to be given food. 

Walking – People have to walk their Chihuahuas at least once or twice a day. However, they should not let their cute little dogs pull them in the direction that they would like to take. People have to control their Chihuahuas by its leash whenever they are out of the house. 

Jumping on Furniture – Chihuahuas are small dogs and they may jump or be put on top of furniture pieces. However, people need to impose boundaries so that their small pets do not do whatever they like to do. It is important that they are able to teach their small Chihuahuas their own boundaries and on what furniture they can stay on. 

Leaving and Coming Home – People should not pay attention to their dogs whenever they have to leave them or when they get home. Instead, they will have to wait until their Chihuahuas are calm and in a relaxed mood. 

To reiterate, it is important for people to maintain their alpha leadership lest their dogs feel that they are in charge.  

Providing Mental Stimulation 

Chihuahuas may get tired easily because of their size but there are lots of them that are not provided with physical and mental stimulation that they need. Most people may not want to go to the park or to play fetch with very small dogs like Chihuahuas. Nevertheless, they may teach them all the basic commands that they need to follow like stay, sit, fetch and other things. 

Training Chihuahuas is still important and people who can teach their small dogs effectively will have better relationship with them especially when their Chihuahuas are able to control their temperament and when they are able to lessen their urge to challenge the head of the pack.